Cybersecurity day

World cybersecurity day

On November 30 we celebrate World Cybersecurity Day, this year many companies will do it from home.

The current situation and the return to the new normal have made many companies opt for teleworking, such as Google, which will not return to face-to-face work until July 2021.

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn, teleworking increases throughout the world, but this increase has important variations between countries, we highlight Spain with a growth of 282%. For this reason it’s a good time to highlight this day, talking about information security at this time is vital in any field (personal, academic or work).

Very few real efforts are made to protect data and everyone is vulnerable, from small businesses to large organizations. It’s necessary to promote training and raise awareness about these risks among employees and those responsible for preventing cyberattacks.

It’s alarming to see the current situation in Spain, almost 60% of European pymes that are victims of cyberattacks disappear within six months of the incident.

Let’s reflect, Covid-19 is likely to have a transformative effect on remote jobs, and we have to be prepared for the continuous changes that attack our privacy and professional routines. To survive in a future of uncertainty we have to start working from the present.

We celebrate World Cybersecurity Day highlighting the large number of professionals who work to protect our most important assets.

We enjoy World Cybersecurity Day by facing all those challenges that lie ahead.

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