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Users are the weak / weak link in the cybersecurity chain. You can never guarantee 100% security but with a good awareness and guidelines to follow, we will be able to get a little closer.

We offer awareness conferences and training courses of different technical levels.

Today, businesses’ workers are targeted by cybercriminals because, in terms of cyber security, they are the weakest link. Attackers take advantage of this fact and deceive workers in various ways, such as posing as someone from the company, and sending fraudulent emails so they rush to take certain actions. This is one of the many techniques used to harm companies, both economically and in terms of their public image. Some companies, unfortunately, never recover.


Presentation of Business Risks:

Introduction to the most common digital hazards, solutions and services.

Duration: 30min-1hour

Introduction to Cyber security Course

Basic level

This course aims to introduce workers to the world of computer security, explain the most common dangers we find in everyday life, and how to avoid them.

Duration: 4h

Maximum capacity: 30 students

Cyber security Course

Intermediate level

Wherever you work, in this course you will learn to use, and, above all, understand, the most frequent cyber security techniques. We will learn to safely use services and programs so that our business does not suffer from security problems. Students will obtain the knowledge necessary to improve their computer security habits and be safer in cyberspace.

Duration: 8 hrs.

Maximum capacity: 30 students

Express Course for Executives

Advanced level

A course focused on the security needs and knowledge required by executives at an organisation. A fluid and interesting version, with a legislative component.

Duration: 4 hours

Maximum capacity: 15 students

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