Modern communication

Communication has always been very important for companies, but the arrival of ICT and tools 2.0 has shaken completely the foundations and strategies of this sector. In the past, the persuasive communication, the marketing focused on the product; now, it focuses on the client and their needs. Before, the marketing offered a service; now, an experience is offered. A few years ago, the more advertising was done the better; now, only the necessary is done. Consumers were always passive, but now they must become allies: strong followers of the brand.

This is because the consumer is now more demanding and does not quantify the value of a product or a service only from the material cost, but through the credibility that it provides, the comfort in which it is achieved or the pride that flaunting a certain brand represents. Nowadays, consumers are not only spectators: they give their opinion about products and services using ICT, they inform themselves based on other consumers’ opinions, and they are also active in making suggestions to any company.

At Light Eyes, we offer solutions that meet your needs in this sense. Among our services and products, we offer: